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Make Your Mark, LLC is proud to offer its' "Emerging Companies" division whose mission is to empower companies to succeed online! You get the benefit of aligning with a proven full service online marketing company that can handle any piece of your Internet presence. Working with a company that has 23 years in the business and more than 9,300 clients worldwide should give you the confidence you need to chose us as your Internet marketing partner.

The "Emerging Companies" division utilizes a selection process similar to but much quicker than Venture Capital firms typically follow. We realize how difficult it can be to secure Angel or VC funding. Partnering with Make Your Mark, LLC could allow you to meet your online objectives while freeing up precious capital for other pressing needs (staffing, marketing, office space, equipment, supplies, etc). We analyze business plans and chose companies we believe have the best chance of succeeding. We then enter into mutually beneficial "win-win" relationships with these companies. Keep in mind that the only way we succeed is if we empower you to succeed.

This division will perform services at a substantial discount and occasionally for free (depending on our comfort level with the partner companies ability to succeed) for an equity stake in the partner company.

We can also provide overall business consulting in areas such as traditional marketing, staffing, accounting, public relations and day to day operations to help eliminate many challenges and potential profit losses.

For more info contact Rich Schott @ (410) 224-6780

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